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Hillsdale Police Department Roster

Chief of Police
Chief Robert Francaviglia

Capt. Sean Smith

Lt. Daniel McLaughlin

Sgt. Chris Donaldson
Sgt. Thomas Smith
Sgt. Liz Zimmerman
Sgt. Michael Camporeale

Dsg. Adam R. Hampton
Det. Travis Woods

School Resource Officer
P.O. German Decena

Police Officers
P.O. Dave Sayers
P.O. Alex Kaplan
P.O. Matthew Buesser
P.O. Brian Considine
P.O. Corey Rooney
P.O. Matthew Soltes
P.O. Joseph Messner
P.O. Amanda Turrin
P.O. Ryan Cottrell
P.O. Filip Bagovic

Police Dispatchers
Disp. Kimberley 
Disp. Matthew Ciuppa
Disp. Jake Prusha


Records Clerk
Lou Spagnoli

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