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Statement Regarding Community Concerns


The Hillsdale Police Department is committed to learning all of the facts that revolve around the recent media coverage relating to thefts and vandalism of “Black Lives Matter” lawn signs, as well as other acts of mischief. Hillsdale remains a beautiful safe community and we will not let our neighborhoods be terrorized by would-be thieves. Given the importance and emotional nature of these incidents and investigations, we wish to issue the following statement:

Based on our own records, we have the following information to share: The total number of “Black Lives Matters” signs that were reported stolen to the Hillsdale Police Department is six (6), and two (2) additional signs were defaced. There were three (3) reported incidents of harassment related to the signs displayed at two (2) residences in July. This is in direct contrast of recent social media reports that signs are continued to be stolen and acts of harassment are on-going. If in fact that is true, the Hillsdale Police Department has not received any reports and we need the public to report this activity.

Headquarters is open with precautions

Please be advised that the Hillsdale Police Department has reopened our headquarters to the public with the following precautions:


1.People involved in the reporting of an incident must come in one at a time, or a group of people must be reporting the same incident.


2. All parties must wear masks.

Unity in the Community

Hillsdale Police Department Community Outreach Event

This event is to help restart and support our local businesses

      Chief Robert Francaviglia and the Hillsdale Police Department wish to do their part in showing support to our local businesses and at the same time promote solidarity in our community. In light of the COVID-19 and the events surrounding our nation today, the Hillsdale Police Department is pleased to announce we are sponsoring a poster contest. The message of each poster will be “Unity in the Community”. All submissions must promote resiliency and solidarity and should include a Hillsdale theme. The poster dimensions should be no larger than 16”x20”.  The first 200 submissions, will receive a $10.00 gift card to a Hillsdale food establishment. All posters will be submitted along with the artist’s name and address by taking a photo and emailing it to Lt. McLaughlin at dmclaughlin@hillsdalepolice.com, who will schedule a pickup of the poster and present the $10.00 gift card. The department’s command staff will judge the winners. Select posters will be displayed at a local business for everyone to enjoy. At this time, the contest is only open to Hillsdale residents, however, depending on the number of submissions, this may be further opened up to a wider audience. The deadline for submissions will be July 4th.  

There will be 3 prizes awarded:

1st Place - $100.00 gift card to ANY business in Hillsdale

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