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The Hillsdale Police Department website, www.hillsdalepolice.com, was founded in January 2002.  Under the direction of DSG. Adam Hampton, www.hillsdalepolice.com has become a resourceful link to the Hillsdale Police and all of its services, recording an average of nearly 4000 unique hits per month. 

This website is updated often and it is a useful medium for borough residents who are online and want to learn about any number of HPD services or information.  Below is a general summary of the website, and the content found herein, to assist visitors in locating topics.  Specific questions or police emergencies should naturally be directed to the Police Desk or to 9-1-1.  For Non-Emergency Requests or Questions contact the Police Desk at (201)664-4200 twenty-four hours a day.  For Emergencies - Police, Fire, or Medical do not hesitate, but contact 9-1-1 immediately.  Questions related to the website may be directed to DSG. Adam R. Hampton


Navigating This Website

This website is divided into several sections.  The main web page has articles posted down the center, while the respective margins to the left and right contain clickable links organized alphabetically under various headings.  The centered articles are brief stories intended to provide quick information about current events, alerts, or general info relevant for website users--most often tailored for Boro residents.  These stories are arranged vertically from most recent to least recent.  These stories remain posted on the center of the web page while they are timely and replaced as new articles are posted.  Each story has a specific graphic attached to it; each graphic will identify the type of article it is.  Some of these stories will have a Read More clickable located in its footer.  Clicking Read More will direct the user to a more detailed version of that same story.  

In addition to the Hillsdale Police Department Website, we also maintain a twitter account  @hillsdalepdnj (www.twitter.com/hillsdalepdnj) and a Facebook account www.facebook.com/hillsdalepdnj

Enjoy your visit to www.hillsdalepolice.com! 



This website is constantly updated and reviewed by content editor  DSG. Adam Hampton and numerous other contributing members of the department.  However, the stated information often changes and is not updated in real-time.  What's more, data contained on this website is NOT intended to reflect ordinance, law or official interpretation.  Most, if not all, of the data contained on hillsdalepolice.com, is advisory information.  Allusions or references to state law, boro ordinance, or traffic law herein are simply that; anyone seeking actual law or ordinance, definitions or legal statements, etc. should obtain official copies of such.  Not responsible for typographical errors



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