Child Abduction Awareness Program

The Child Abduction Awareness Program is a unique way to test a child's general awareness of strangers.  The program, currently under the direction of Police Officer Amanda Turrin, has been met with success since its inception in September 2002.  With the help of many department members, the team of cops dressed as ordinary people tries to lure a child in an effort to simulate an actual abduction.  The program teaches young children how NOT to become a victim of an attack or an abduction.  By seeing first-hand the ways strangers can be clever and friendly, children will learn that attacks and abductions don't always happen the way that they are portrayed on television.   

Given the recent headlines about kidnapping, it is important for children to understand certain key concepts for avoiding strangers.  Originally implemented by Chief Francaviglia and now coordinated by Officer Amanda Turrin this program is suited for children as old as 8 or 9, but is especially useful for younger children who are still learning to spot a stranger and/or suspicious people.  

For more information and to schedule an appointment for a simulated abduction, please call Officer Amanda Turrin at 201-664-4200  or contact her via our form listed below.  



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