Drug Awareness/Self Esteem

The Hillsdale Police Department D.A.R.E. Program is dedicated to preventing the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products. The Hillsdale Police Department , utilizes their D.A.R.E. Officers to begin their relationship with school age children at the kindergarten level. The Hillsdale Police Department, is unique as we conduct substance abuse concerns with children from the kindergarten through every grade level up to high school.  Kindergarten through 4th grade receive D.A.R.E visitation to each class and speak about substance abuse, how to improve self-esteem, conduct classes o­n Danger/Stranger programs, A Safe Way To School, bicycle and Traffic Safety. The 5th grade receive the new and updated 10 week  National D.A.R.E America  program o­n all substance abuse concerns. The 6th grade receives lectures o­n vandalism and how it effects everyone in the community.

All prospective D.A.R.E instructor candidates are hand selected by Chief Robert Francaviglia. The Chief selects candidates that will continue the departments philosophy toward drug education. Each Police Officer/Instructor must sucessfully complete an eighty hour comprehensive School Instruction/Education course of study at the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute. All  instructors are also required to complete a student teaching program with their instructor. The Hillsdale Police Department members that are D.A.R.E. Certified officers include:

P.O. David Sayers

P.O. Michael Camporeale



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