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Missing Persons
Last Updated : 2005-05-02 09:17:47 (7390 read)
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The Hillsdale Police Department's Detective Bureau and Patrol Division investigate all missing persons reports.  Unlike the fictional portrayals on television and in movies, missing persons reports are taken very seriously.  Technically, there is no set 'time frame' for how long a person needs to be missing before they may be reported and declared a missing person.  Usually, each police department handles a missing persons report on a case-by-case basis, conducting a preliminary investigation/interview with the complainant and then uses that information to proceed with a missing persons report. 

A missing persons report is a very serious police initiative.  Currently, every municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement organization in the United States is linked together via a national computer network.  Through this network, police officers from all over can share information about missing persons, including color photographs.  As a result, when someone is reported missing to their local police, that information is carefully categorized and inputted into the national network.  In essence, reporting someone missing in Hillsdale is like reporting them missing to every jurisdiction in the country.  Uniformed police officers on patrol and detectives conducting investigations everywhere can screen people through this computer in an effort to match the identity of a missing person with someone in their custody.  In short, reporting someone missing to your local police initiates a coordinated police response, utilizing various police resources. 

Click on the below link(s) to read information about currently missing persons from the Boro.  These below link(s) are updated periodically and will reflect active investigations.  Anyone with information about the individual(s) featured below should contact the Hillsdale Police Department (201)664-4200 and speak with an officer on duty or an available detective.  Anyone with information about the whereabouts of any missing person should immediately contact their local police department.


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