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Municipal Parking Permits

Cops Vs Kids Video Challenge

Come and play video games with the members of the Hillsdale Police Department at The Game Zone, enjoy refreshments and have fun with us.

Keep checking over the next few weeks to see what games we will be playing.

Who will win? The Cops? The Kids?

Open House Sunday October 8th

Please come join us on Sunday, October 8th for our annual open house in cooperation with the Hillsdale Fire Volunteer Department and Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance.

Our doors open at 11am with refreshments served.

National Coffee with a Cop Day

Come join members of the Hillsdale Police Department on Wednesday October 4th, 2017 from 8am-10am at the Hillsdale Starbucks to discuss community issues and enjoy a free cup of coffee.

Notify the Neighbor

Giving advance notice of a party or event is in everyone’s best interest. A few days before the event, give your surrounding neighbor’s a heads up, especially about start times and potential end times is helpful and can reduce complaints to the police. People like to be kept informed and the more they know the less likely they will be to complain about your event.  A note (see sample attached) placed in someone’s mail box or speaking with your neighbors is all it takes. If your neighbors are close friends consider inviting them to the event. Remember you not asking for permission you are being courteous and informing them that there will be music and people in the neighborhood.

This being said, the residents hosting the party should be aware of the local noise ordinance Chapter 208. This ordinance sets the guidelines for what is an acceptable amount of noise and what time that noise is acceptable until.

The persons hosting the party are responsible for the people they serve and should make optional transportation arrangements for persons enjoying the party and who have over indulged.  Alternate transportation can be arranged through local cab companies or online transportation and ride sharing services. If the event goes beyond the scope of what was advertised please contact the Hillsdale Police Department at 201-664-4200 and we will assist you.  

Please be responsible!  

Cops and Bobbers

Cops and Bobbers is a community policing event that is co-sponsored by the Hillsdale Police Department and the Hillsdale PBA. The purpose of this event is to use fishing as a tool to connect police officers and the youth of their communities. Officers work side by side with kids, helping them bait, cast, hook and release fish all while bonding and learning that they are not so different from each other after all.

Fishing teaches patience, ingenuity, preparation, and humility. It is an activity most anyone can do and afford. In the Cops & Bobbers program, cops and kids work and fish together which makes every day a good day.
NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s Game Wardens will provide demonstrations and education to any and all participants. Also, NJDEP will be providing their Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs trailer which contains fishing equipment to loan to those that have never fished before or are in need of equipment. 

Any questions can be directed to P.O. Ryan Norton at

Coffee with a Cop

On June 17th, 2017, the Hillsdale Police Department will be hosting "Coffee with a Cop" at Starbucks of Hillsdale from 11:00am-1:00 pm. The event is designed to be an agenda-free meeting between the residents and police officers, where informal conversations about what matters to the community can take place. The goal of the program is to build better relationships so the police and the community can work together to more effectively solve problems. Hillsdale Police Officers will be present to listen to any comments, complaints, or community problems that need to be addressed. In addition, if we are unable to address your issue during the event, we will ensure that the proper follow-up is conducted.

We are looking forward to this event and would like to thank Starbucks of Hillsdale for their continued support and donation of coffee for our event.


Hillsdale Police Department Public Service Announcement

The Hillsdale Police Department  is proud to annouce or first "Public Service Announcement" This announcement showcases the Hillsdale Police Department is this is one of several videos planned over the next year. Please take a few moments to enjoy the video.   Full credit for the videography, graphics and editing goes to Rebecca Silverman a student at the Pascack Valley Regional High School. 

History Video

The attached video was created by Captain Sean Smith as part of his on-going seris of books and lectures on the history of the Hillsdale Police Department.

New Emergency Equipment

Recently, the Hillsdale Police Department acquired a used military “High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle” (HMMWV), or commonly referred to a HUMVEE.

The Hillsdale Police Department was able to acquire vehicle through the government’s “1033 Program” which was created to transfer excess military equipment to local law enforcement agencies at no cost to the municipalities. The "Law Enforcement Support Office" (LESO) administers the program and oversees the distribution of the equipment to local enforcement agencies. 

The model that the Hillsdale Police Department acquired is considered an “ambulance style vehicle” and will be used for utility purposes by the Department. Given its versatile nature we will be able use it during storms and high water incidents. 

Additionally, we will be able to load the vehicle barricades, cones and other over sized items that do not fit in our standard patrol vehicles so they can be quickly deployed in an emergency incident.




Safe Exchange Zone

The Hillsdale Police Department, maintains a "Safe Exchange Zone" at the Hillsdale Police Station. This zone is to help ensure that buyers and sellers of good have a safe location in which to perform their transactions. Currently the Hillsdale Police Department maintains two distinct locations for safe exchanges; the first area is the lobby of the Hillsdale Police Station located at 380 Hillsdale Ave Hillsdale, NJ. The second location is in the rear of the building and there is a sign that clearly indicates that it is a "Safe Exchange" area. Both areas are covered by our security cameras as a further deterrent against robbery or fraud.  The Hillsdale Police does not permit the sale of firearms, or any other illegal items or contraband.   

Should you have any questions you may contact Captain Sean Smith, who is the "Safe Exchange" Program Coordinator.


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