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Speed Survey Results

Location Start and end date Posted Speed Limit Average Speed Total Vehicles sort descending Full reports
Lawrence Street and Stockton St 05/19/17 to 05/22/17 25Mph 19Mph 372 PDF icon Highest Speeds Summary Report Stockton Street North.pdf (49.23 KB)
Everdell Ave 10/22/19 to 10/31/19 25Mph 26Mph 3478
Traffic Survey Results From Clinton Ave 04/29/19 to 05/05/19 25Mph 29Mph 5058 PDF icon Clinton-Ave-2019.pdf (172.65 KB)
Saddlewood Dr 02/06/17 to 02/15/17 25Mph 30Mph 6943 PDF icon Event Chart saddlewood.pdf (60.24 KB)
Washington Ave 01/22/17 to 02/03/17 35Mph 33Mph 9308 PDF icon Event Chart.pdf (62.48 KB)
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