Coffee with a Cop

In June of 2013, the Hillsdale Police Department, adopted a new and innovative community outreach program. The program known as "Coffee with a Cop" is a program created to foster greater community relations. The "Coffee with a Cop" program originated out of the Hawthorne Police Department in California and has seen adoption across the country. The core idea of the "Coffee with a Cop" program is that residents can approach and interact with police officer in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Hillsdale Police Officers are on hand and prepared to answer any questions that a resident may have. In addition, Hillsdale Police Officers are prepared to not only research and respond to a problem, but they also have the necessary tools on hand to perform any number of referrals to other local, county or state agencies.  "Coffee with a Cop" is one of many additional community oriented programs that the Hillsdale Police Department undertakes on an annual or bi-annual basis. 

In June 2014, the Hillsdale Police Department completed its 3rd Coffee with a Cop event at the Starbucks of Hillsdale(located on Broadway). During the event, Hillsdale Police Officers met with over 30 residents with 3 referrals to other agencies. "Coffee with a Cop" is coordinated by Detective Adam Hampton and if you require further information you can reach him at (201)664-4200.

Recent press coverage of "Coffee with a Cop"



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