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mischief night

Mischief Night Zero Tolerance

The Hillsdale Police Department will be conducting a Zero Tolerance Policy this year during “Mischief Night and Halloween (October 30th and 31st). This policy is vital for the safety of our children and the protection of property. We are urging parents to take an active role in order to assist us in this endeavor.

Historically, our community had experienced significant property damage as well as mischievous and criminal behavior by unsupervised juveniles and young adults on these nights. We also had problems with juveniles congregating in large groups in various areas of town. Parents and guardians should be aware of the activity that occurs when their children are out unsupervised. Most property damage and criminal activity occurs when seemingly harmless behavior and pranks escalate out of control.

Parents should establish dialogue with their children about unacceptable behavior or more importantly, not allow their children out without adult supervision. Parents must be cognizant of their children’s actions and behavior. Children leaving the home dressed in dark clothing and/or in possession of items such as eggs, shaving cream and other malicious items traditionally a formula for trouble.

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